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Your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn presence are critical.

Your LinkedIn profile is a critical part of your hiring process. You have the ability to share your qualifications and interests with a worldwide audience. Seize the opportunity. Make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Our LinkedIn Live event - Invest In Yourself was a gold-mine of information. Look at the on-demand replay here.

Recruiters are more and more using LinkedIn as a primary point for hiring. Before your resume, before your interview, your LinkedIn profile and your linked in presence are critical.

You can think of your LinkedIn presence as having static and dynamic parts. Your profile - your online resume is the static and your interaction on the platform is dynamic.

The static - Your Profile.

You need a LinkedIn profile. Liberty Latin America (LLA) Senior Talent Acquisition Management Consultant Zayra Fosse says that a big challenge is that recruiting in the Caribbean has been - "finding people with technical skills in communication on Linked In." "Ads generally yield only a small group."

LLA advertises available positions on their website and on LinkedIn.

When you apply to a job, the first thing a recruiter is going to do is look you up on LinkedIn. Is your profile telling the story of your career? Well?

Can you do the job? Can you make the company money? Can you make the customer happy? are the three things a recruiter wants to know, says Hyuna International Ltd., Human Resources Manager and Talent Scout Julie Turney.

Your profile can tell what you do and why it matters.

Your total profile should be congruent and tell who you are and where you want to go professionally.

Do's and don'ts for your LinkedIn Profile

  • Pictures - In 2020 it is not acceptable to have a LinkedIn profile without a picture. Use a professional picture. You can use your camera and take a professional selfie. Don’t use a glamour shot.

  • The Summary - Is your written elevator pitch. A good summary is congruent with what you say when you speak with an interviewer.

  • Document your professional accomplishments

  • Interests - Make them professional and related to the job you’re interested in.

  • The recommendation section should convey your soft skills - leadership, ability to work with remote teams.

The dynamic - Your LinkedIn connections and activity.

Build a LinkedIn Network and Presence. The dynamic aspect of your linked in presence is your interaction on the platform. Your profile gives insight into who you are and what you stand for. If someone doesn’t have a profile or has a profile and isn’t following jobs or companies, potential hires will miss opportunities.

You also need to use LinkedIn to build your professional network. Follow careers and thought leaders. Ask questions and give thoughtful feedback on articles. Communicate with people. Share articles that are interesting to you and relevant to your industry. It's useful for the recruiter to see what you’re interested in and keeping current on. It's also great for your development.

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