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The Right Fit: Social media options explained

Instagram…Facebook…LinkedIn…Pinterest…Tik Tok…Twitter…What’s App…There is no ‘right fit’ when it comes to social media, despite the plethora of options from which to select. Nevertheless, there are pragmatic considerations that should be made, depending on your present objectives and intended outreach as seen in some examples below:

Instagram- You can share a world of pictures on Instagram! For ease of accessibility on several electronic devices, including PCs, it is better to open an Instagram account using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Instagram allows you to market the visuals of your product or service, whether through pictures or short videos. It is particularly appealing to those who specialize in beauty, fashion and health products and services, art and travelling.

Facebook- Now part of the wider ‘Meta’ umbrella (as of late October 2021), that also includes Instagram, this mega media draws over 1 billion users online. As an entrepreneur, you can utilize Facebook to showcase your upcoming business events, product demonstrations, share videos and pictures, as well as directly engage with your intended audience. Facebook’s algorithms are specifically designed to direct traffic (i.e. potential clients or persons who share your similar interests) to your profile.

LinkedIn- This arm of social media is almost-exclusively used for business networking and otherwise seeking professional opportunities. While no-one is necessarily restricted from posting eye-popping images of themselves or their services, the LinkedIn crowd more channels formal, traditional collaboration. It is generally used to seek out work-related opportunities and advice, (whether as an entrepreneur, a potential employee or potential employer).

Pinterest- can be likened to a virtual album that archives any images, articles and photos that you like. You collect or ‘pin’ them onto your Pinterest ‘Board’, and in turn, you can share them by ‘repinning’ same on other people’s boards.

Tik-Tok- This seems to be quite popular, especially with the under-30 crowd. The videos are brief, concise and creative, which makes them quite appealing to young persons (and even not-so-young persons), who value combining entertainment with education and information. If you have a lot to share…and can be precise but equally engaging with it…then, Tik Tok’s for you!

Twitter- One former Twitter-loving US President, allegedly had members of the media opting to check his latest ‘tweets’, rather than a Press Secretary briefing! Twitter is preferred when you have urgent information to share about yourself and your business-- and, you can do same in a matter of very few words.

What’s App- This is perhaps the simplest way to contact a client, without adversely affecting your pocket, particularly if you have an active mobile phone number. Once you and your client both have reliable Internet (and electricity) connection, you can chat away for hours, share documents and images using this forum.

Our present world is full of many wonderful options to advance your business goals, however, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ option. Always choose strategically.

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