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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What an extraordinary year 2021 has been! There was COVID-19, as well its two most threatening variants, namely Delta and Omicron, the historic inauguration of the USA’s first ever female Vice President, the postponed and muted (yet still very impressive) Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics that witnessed several World and Olympic records broken in phenomenal style, natural disasters including earthquakes and volcanoes, the birth of the Republic of Barbados, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and, an historic award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to a national of Tanzania-UK.

More specifically, on the business front, what was 2021 like for you? Was it 365 days of growth, progress and development in perspective and purpose? Was it fraught with seemingly insurmountable challenges, that ultimately proved that you were blessed with more resilience than you gave yourself credit? Or, was it a year of careful strategic research and preparation, to lay the groundwork for building better in 2022 and beyond?

Whatever 2021 looked like through your eyes, celebrate the fact that you have endured to see the end of yet another year. In essence, you are one year more equipped and knowledgeable about where your business is, and also, in what direction you ultimately intend to propel it. Even in the midst of highly-anticipated Christmas plans and celebrations, do remain focused on attaining your 2022 business goals.

Yes, “failure” will come as well as several uncertain moments, however, be neither afraid nor anxious about future. Remember to never look behind in anger or forward in fear, but rather around your environment with an awareness of you who are, what are your strengths, and what can be improved.

Never be afraid to admit you need help in whatever form, and earnestly seek it. Opportunities exist, but, it is up to us to find them! In this era of continued globalization and digitalization, many avenues to improve can come. For example, they may arise through exclusive practical training, learning the theory or both, as well as availing yourself of networking opportunities online (and in person) with entities like LinkedIn Local Caribbean, government and quasi-government entities, in addition to the guidance of sincere, committed family and friends.

Likewise, opportunities can arise at the community level with organizations and individuals of influence and interest, by participating in volunteer activities to gauge (i) what is needed; (ii) what you can offer, and (iii) what can be done by you and your new partners to achieve a win-win situation. Never make money your sole and prevailing purpose on your entrepreneurship journey, otherwise, you’ll end up frequently frustrated and despairing.

For 2022 and beyond, make perseverance your mantra. Never, ever give up…and, never in haste too! Ending the Old Year and also starting the New Year in defeat must not ever be your resolve! Continue to endure, until you have reached the end.

From me and mines to you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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