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Live from the Caribbean

Finally! We are going Live From The Caribbean!

The surprise at hearing a familiar accent in a strange place. The delight at seeing someone from a place you know about achieving great things. Finding people like you who have done things you never even considered. All of this and so much more is possible with the talent that exists in the Caribbean.

Pauline Joseph is the founder of Linked In local Caribbean and now she’s hosting the Live From The Caribbean podcast. Join the conversation as Pauline interviews people such as the head of Facebook hospitality in Asia, the owner of the most visited local site in Trinidad and Tobago - people from the Caribbean diaspora doing all sorts of amazing things.

With our events and this podcast, we’re using the LinkedIn Local platform to build a community of Caribbean influence. So, if you live in the Caribbean, are a part of the Caribbean Diaspora, join the journey with us at

Add Live From The Caribbean on Google Podcasts, Itunes, IHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts and look out for episodes weekly. Listen in as Pauline explores the adventures of Caribbean people across the Caribbean, in Australia, Shanghai and everywhere you never expect to meet a Caribbean person and aren’t surprised you do.

Tune in to episode 1 on Friday, April 10 and don't forget to subscribe to the Live from the Caribbean podcast.


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