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LinkedIn Funding Application Fundamentals

In a nutshell, funding is available for anyone. This is true, whether your entity is an NGO, a for-profit business, or, you are applying as an individual. What differentiates between potential and success, is how to get possible funders confident in what you are proposing by strategically linking it to their expectations and objectives, a process known as grant funding application.

Grant funding is basically a specific sum of money, either altogether, or, in installations that is given to your business (or, to an individual), based on a very detailed process that first requires the person or entity applying to formally (and concisely) detail several questions concerning their vision and mission i.e., ‘Who’, ‘What’, Where’, ‘When’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘How Much’.

Donors that encourage, or, are otherwise able to facilitate grants include government agencies and ministries, quasi-government entities such as the United Nations, other NGOs, as well as private-for-profit enterprises, and individuals. Note, that before you apply for a particular grant, it is very important to carefully read the terms and conditions attached to that application, and, what are the expectations and requirements of the potential receiver to the donor.

Once you have dutifully read the application form, note the deadline for applying, and, be realistic about how much time you can seriously commit to applying for a grant, because once your application goes out there, it is there for all the world to see. Therefore, you always want to put your best foot forward and not seem rushed, careless, and unprofessional.

Having cleared that hurdle, you need to decide on your introduction headline and introductory statement. Make them both memorable and compact. Don’t ramble. Create a headline that equates with your objectives in six individual words or less. Then, in the opening line of your paragraph, connect that headline to what novel (or improved) service, product or concept you can offer that is worthy of sponsorship.

Do let your sponsors have an informed opinion about you as an applicant in the first paragraph. Use crisp, precise lines to outline what is the essence of your business, whether it is legally registered as a profit or not-for-profit entity, your geographic location, whether your entity is male or female-operated, whether you are a young person, et cetera, or alternatively, your unique talents and strengths as an individual.

In the subsequent paragraph or two, be as detailed and yet, as short as possible. Don’t skimp on particulars, and instead, try to be creative and strategic with your information. Remember, you are likely not the lone applicant, and, you will want to favourably stand out. Therefore, talk about your past achievements, your future goals, any positive social impacts (which correspond with the donor’s objectives), and, your anticipated timeline for utilizing the allocated funds, if successful.

Finally, repeatedly read aloud your proposal, and meticulously check for any grammatical or spelling errors before submitting. Be confident. Good luck!

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