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Is Your Communication Lacking? Maybe- Part II (cont'd)

Now, you are in your substantive workspace. Whether public, quasi-public or private, there is always so much to do! From having email messages and other correspondence to create and dispatch or respond to, tickets to generate (if in the field of I.T.), files to locate, work on, complete and return to the vault or the registry, phone calls to make, receive, or follow-up, internal and external stakeholder meetings to facilitate, attend or reschedule- whether in-person or online. Plus, there is the possibility of a last-minute' project that might come at your desk, and, you might even have to 'stay-back' after hours to complete it.

How are you communicating your feelings and emotions during the workday? Do you 'complain and comply'? Do you contemptuously dismiss everyone and everything not to your liking? Do you take your time and work at a leisurely pace, regardless of the task at hand? Or, do you fully immerse yourself in your work?

Likewise, how do you engage those around you, if at all? Do you try to communicate with your supervisor or colleagues if you require a de-briefing? What if help is needed, or feedback on the last task is needed, before proceeding with the next one? Do you become prickly and belligerent when doing your work? Are you 'neither here nor there', or do you often seem to adopt a 'devil-may-care' attitude?

Again, always be aware that those who share that space with you are continuously taking note. Some might communicate directly to you in writing or in-person, some will only speak to your colleagues or supervisor and let the message trickle down to you, some will leave you to your own devices, so long as 'their work' isn't adversely affected, and some will allow you to fail.

Don't allow the work environment to be your entire reflection, either through miscommunication or misinterpretation of that communication. Instead, say what you have to say in as clear and concise a manner as possible, and always seek to be deliberate and strategic in your actions. In other words, know what to say and do; and when to say and do it.

Life is communication. Always be effective.


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