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Is Your Communication Lacking? Maybe- Part II

In the last blog, we briefly defined communication, showcased how it is established, and shared examples of some of the different types of communication. Today, we continue with this topic, by similarly discussing why effective communication is important, in the specific context of a business setting or the work environment.

Do you communicate well with your colleagues? What about your supervisor? Likewise, do they communicate well with you? Is the message always received and understood, or are there occasions when words and actions are misinterpreted? How do we recognise such scenarios and how might we try to mitigate their effect?

Incidentally, were you aware that today is the Ides of March, when a certain fellow named Julius, so angered his Roman colleagues by his words and actions that they conspired to assassinate him? Could he have been redeemed by more effective communication? Hmmm...

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that in the world of work, communication is a paramount skill. Likewise, it is an art that should be continuously honed and refined. It is a practice that must always be applied to all situations. And it is a tool that can either work for the further benefit of a business operation, or conversely, further whittle away at its vision, mission and objectives.

Let's start with how you enter the workspace, which includes a car park, if you are fortunate enough to have an allotted or assigned spot. Even if you aren't that lucky, and you have to 'pay to park' elsewhere, you are still entering someone else's work environment.

How do you communicate in that moment with them? Do you greet them at all with the time of day? What does your tone sound like when you greet them? Do you speak in a calm manner? Or do you sound angsty? How do you conclude your interaction with them? Maybe a polite nod of the head or wave of the hand? Maybe, you might say thank you? Or maybe, you might take the receipt, close your car window and hastily drive away...

So much for the carpark. Now, you are in the lobby, in the elevator or taking the stairs. You might encounter security personnel, the receptionist/s, the custodians, or other random co-workers. How do you communicate? Through a polite nod, smile or wave? By saying something? Or equally, by saying absolutely nothing? Mind you, all this time, people are subconsciously forming opinions about you that may or may not have merit. Further, if your actions happen often enough, they might be viewed as your daily habit.

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