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How to Change Careers When You Least Except It

”If you want it, it will be yours but you haffa work for it”.

Television host and professional speaker, Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid did just this as she pursued a new and exciting career in marketing, media and communications.

This business professional gave these final words during a June interview about her life’s journey. This dynamic Jamaican woman sat down with LinkedIn Local Caribbean host, Pauline Joseph to talk about her path from a young precocious child in a maternal environment to a trained veterinarian doctor who became a regional brand strategist. But she confessed that she did not have an early passion or desire to get into this field.

A Strong Online Presence and Brand Identity

Today, Dr. Reid is thriving in her present profession. For over a decade, this former beauty queen and full time mother has built her network through strong brand strategy with several thousand followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a healthy community on LinkedIn. But before hosting an international beauty competition, before the glamor, national recognition, celebrity and fame, the witty and charming Dr. Reid came from humble beginnings.

Caring For A Cause: An Early Love for Animals

Can you imagine being so passionate about a cause that you would write a letter to your local government leaders? Well, this is what a young Dr. Reid did. She explained to Joseph because of her love for animals, she sent a communication to then Jamaican Governor-General about creating a space for stray animals when she got older. The government official responded and told the future veterinarian graduate that the world needed more people like her.

From the age of 4, Dr. Reid said she was going to be ”Dr. Doolittle”. The bubbly tv host excelled in her studies through high school and soon received a scholarship to the Universidad Central de Las Villas in Cuba. But for her, “Your Jamaican Girl” was thrown a life changing roadblock when she returned to Jamaica to practice as a veterinarian.

From Rejection to Redirection

Dr. Reid, a trained veterinarian got the shocking news from the Jamaica Veterinary Board that she will not be accredited due to the fact that she studied veterinarian science in Cuba.

“It was the biggest slap in my face because all of these years, I had my blinkers on and I did not see anything to the left or to the right of me. (Being a veterinarian) was what I was going to do...only study the sciences didn’t have any fall back subjects,” said Dr. Reid.

It was at this disappointing moment of her life she was forced to change careers. After listening to the advice of others about her outgoing personality and unique voice, she decided to focus on a career in media.

Making the Right Connections

Dr. Reid explained that through her friends she was able to do small jobs of hosting events and she admitted that in the beginning, her services were provided for free. She told Joseph this eventually lead to offering media services locally, regionally and internationally.

As a learning entrepreneur, Dr. Reid said that it is important to step out with a level of confidence and believe in your talent.

“If (people) give me the opportunity, if they know what I have been doing, they know I will deliver,” said Dr. Reid

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