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Here are the Top 3 Questions you need to ask before Volunteering for LinkedIn Local Caribbean

It's been a year since I started the Caribbean chapter of the LinkedIn Local, and it has been a journey of professional growth. I've used AC Marketing's resources to drive awareness, built a partnership with Regus and revisited Wix as an easy way to build a website. The audience we've made from 20 to 500 persons is a testament to a community that we didn't know we needed, including my business. It has also boosted my confidence as an entrepreneur to have physical evidence that digital marketing is sufficient enough to influence the real world.

I believe this movement is more significant than me, and that is why I encourage local speakers because there is too much talent in the Caribbean for us to remain behind our screens. Spearheading LinkedIn Local has been a passion that has brought new clients, job offers from around the world, directly from LinkedIn, and it's time for you to leverage the community.

As we continue to expand from Trinidad to Barbados and most recently, Jamaica, you have shared your interest to volunteer your time. I appreciate your well-intentioned messages to be part of the team, and I'm sure you would be an asset; however, the information shared is insufficient for me to explore further. Here are a few tips to help you, help me:

What can I get from volunteering my time?

Volunteering is hard work. You're giving your time freely without any guarantee. Therefore your 'Why' has to be stronger than common sense. Social Media allows me to curate a story through media that does not respond well to capturing me at 10 pm filtering lists for the attendees after an event. I can see the direct benefit to my business which allows me to keep going, even when it seems like a lonely road. You need to share a direct benefit to you and do not be vague. E.g. looking for a remote project in Web development, adding events as a skillset to my experience, etc.

What value am I bringing?

You are asking a join a moving bus; therefore, you need to identify the seat you want before sitting. The truth is LinkedIn Local Caribbean is happening with or without you, but you have the opportunity to be part of something that already has moving parts, and you can be the mechanic that makes the ride smoother. If I have to tell you what's needed, then you're not the right mechanic. #NoShadeIntended

Do I have the time to commit?

Be honest with the most important person in your life, you. If assisting with content, speakers or event coordination is not worth your time, then this is not the community for you, and that's okay. :) Let's be honest with each other from the get-go. AC Marketing has invested a lot of money into this movement, and by extension, I have spent hours on building this community with no direct financial gain. Everything I do is an extension of my brand, and I expect you to feel the same.

The vision for LinkedIn Local Caribbean goes beyond our shores, but it's impossible to do it alone. Similar to the ethos behind these events, I need you to be clear and confident with your capabilities and how it will help the community.

If none of the above scares you, then head to our sign up page and let me know how you intend to drive this forward. Speak soon.

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