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Getting It Right: LinkedIn Social Media Etiquette

By now, many if not most of us are aware of the tremendous influential power of social media platforms and personalities. Some are specifically geared toward either personal and professional upliftment. Nevertheless, social media, whether we are speaking about Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, have all provided stellar, unique opportunities for persons from all walks of life to have readily-available outlets to share their talents, ideas, and of course, their unique personalities to a world that is hungry for information…and controversy.

You see, not all social media is meant to be the avenue for sharing one’s personal life details and definitely, it is strongly advised to either be 100 percent guarded with your every waking thought and feeling, or, alternatively keep all your personal thoughts and private business ENTIRELY OFF social media (especially when very emotional), for your ultimate sake and everyone else’s.

You see, we’re all human and we will ALL make mistakes of one kind or another in what we say, think or do. We might be able to forgive ourselves, however, not everyone on social media will be that gracious, whether they are our intended recipient/s or not. Therefore, here are six examples of LinkedIn etiquette: 3 do’s and 3 don’ts:

Do use LinkedIn to highlight your professional achievements and share invitations for professional upliftment: LinkedIn is just that- about forming linkages with similarly-minded professionals or entities. So, whether you are in search of a job that commiserates with your professional skills and competencies, a new job, or, are looking to network and promote your business, use this platform for that purpose. Additionally, LinkedIn should always be used to share invitations and opportunities for others to also develop professionally.

Don’t use LinkedIn for ‘selfie’ promotions: Unless your business is one that is geared toward some aspect of the fashion industry, or, is heavily invested in the food industry, please do not use LinkedIn to share random photos of yourself wherever, and, however.

Do use decent, professionally-acceptable language on LinkedIn: Avoid the use of any and all derogatory language on all social media platforms, but especially on LinkedIn- where employers and talent hunters are always on the prowl for the good and the bad details. That includes refraining from sexist and racist language, plus any group-specific prejudice.

Don’t use LinkedIn for romance: While the basic urge to love and be loved is perfectly human, unfortunately, LinkedIn is not the recommended [ideal] platform for any displays of such behaviour.

Do use LinkedIn to share stories of overcoming professional hurdles: We all love a good professional comeback story, or, a story of tremendous professional struggle and ultimate triumph.

Don’t use LinkedIn to overshare information about your appearance: A simple headshot with you attired in clothing of sober cut and colour, or, of your business logo or services is sufficient. Think of LinkedIn as virtual professional networking, and, leave the colourful attire for another platform.

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