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Emancipate yourself, dear entrepreneur!

During this Emancipation Week (especially if you live in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana or Jamaica), try to free yourself from a particularly dated mindset that often tries to stifle the aspiring entrepreneur.

Let's face it. All business-owners/managers aspire to make a profit. Whether that profit is to be lucrative, average or small, is up to you, as the individual at the healm of that entity. Likewise, whether you choose to use all your business profit to benefit yourself, your family or, your community is also another story for you alone to author.

However, here's something that most 'established' entrepreneurs would rarely ever tell you: even non-profit organizations/non-governmental organisations have to engage in some sort of money-generating venture, such as fund-raisers or donation drives to stay on top of their bills and remain operational. In several cases, these income-earning campaigns achieve a surplus of their intended target.

Therefore, they are always in need of dollars and cents to support their activities, unless they are a self-funded entity. Even so, they will not refuse legitimate donations that come their way. In essence, money runs the corporate world, even if that world was built on an arguably more noble foundation. That’s just the way the world works. Most definitely, you can be quite upset with that modus operandi, but, unless you are able to walk on water, you also have to work with that system, as well as work within it...while it exists.

That aside, as an individual who desires financial emancipation, you must also be aware that venturing into a business is not for the weak on hope and tenacity. Don’t be frequently flippant if you ultimately want to be an independent business earner, as there are many ramifications for going the route of an entrepreneur.

For example, you shouldn’t decide that today, you want to be a businessperson, and then by tomorrow, or by the end of the week, you want to be in a salaried job. Then, by next week, you’re back to wanting to be a businessperson. To have that conflicting mind-set, in my view, is to be extremely unfair to yourself and frustrate your purpose in life.

Remember, this is a life-choice you are making. It is one that you hope to earn a respectable living from and one that you believe will positively influence others, as well as bring you immeasurable personal satisfaction.

Granted, as individuals, we are allowed to change our minds at any time. In the same breath however, we shouldn’t inevitably delay our purpose in life because of excessive indecisiveness. We can have occasional reservations, but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever attempt to move a step forward beyond where we are at present, especially if that dream is imbedded in our hearts.

As an aside, it’s perfectly okay to ultimately decide that, being a businessperson is not for you. As a matter of fact, literally millions of people have made careers and positive impacts out of being of service in the public service and quasi-public service, as well as the established private sector.

Nevertheless, if you desire as much personal and financial freedom and therefore want to be a businessperson, be prepared for this convoluted, windy journey, filled with uncertainty, and inevitable reward. Invest now, to be emancipated in the long-run!


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