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4 ways to Build Better Business in 2022

If you’re reading this latest blog, congratulations! We’ve both lived to see another year and therefore, we have another opportunity to make a positive impact in our lives, the lives of those around us, and by extension, our planet.

Regardless of what business resolutions you’ve made (or alternatively, you intend to make for later in 2022), now is the time to chart the blueprint for those New Year goals, and, LinkedIn Local Caribbean will share some ways to make them happen by doing a little seed planting. Here’s how:

1. Thank your stakeholders: Remember when as child you might have been told to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’? Well, more so, as adult in business, these gestures of civility go a long way in building stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships with your internal and external stakeholders. A simple virtual Happy New Year greeting (remember, none in-person because of COVID-19!) or, a ‘Thank You for the Past Year’ message is all it sometimes takes to make that lasting impact.

2. Get in a professional gear: While having a professional photo of yourself is an entirely personal choice, you still need to routinely highlight your business, through its logo or insignia on social media. Make your presence known and felt on social media by being visible. That might mean having to step out of your comfort zone e.g. branching out into Facebook, if you’re exclusively on LinkedIn or Instagram, and vice versa. Share your professional thoughts and observations on social media. Let the world see the creative and critical thinking side of you!

3. Seek continuous professional training: Ever heard of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)? Well, neither did I until I actually did my first one (some years ago). These (generally) free online courses literally enable interested persons from around the world to learn in a shared, remote learning environment. Get trained or updated in management, [digital] marketing, leadership, foreign languages, education, et cetera from the comfort of your own home, using reputable platforms such as, and

4. Network, network, network: Remember how Nikki’s cousin’s friend got his particular situation known around the world in 2021 in remarkable time? That’s the power of networking! In your case however, you would want that networking to draw positive, widespread attention to your business, whether through your skills, personality or innovative product (or service).

How to network? Put yourself out there. Don’t hope and wait for someone to come to you. Instead, actively participate in online entrepreneur-tailored meetings, workshops and expositions with your local chambers of commerce, representative local embassies and high commissions, universities, as well as quasi-government organisations such as the United Nations and the Inter-American Development Bank, et cetera. You can also volunteer your expertise to NGOs and within your community.

Let 2022 be memorable for all the right reasons. Don’t delay! Make it happen today!

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