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4 Top Caribbean Guests Whose LinkedIn Live Series You Don’t Want to Miss

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

August is coming to a close but there are still some interesting and amazing stories coming to you, our LinkedIn Local Caribbean Crew!

Four talented and brilliant personalities are scheduled for our upcoming LinkedIn Live series with LinkedIn Local Caribbean host, Pauline Joseph. Check out the list below.

1. Shawn Rochester -Entrepreneur (Barbados)

Can you imagine leaving wealth for generations to come? Caribbean raised entrepreneur, Shawn Rochester has found the formula that could change the lives of the most disenfranchised.

The author of the highly acclaimed book, ”The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black” gives his views on the reasons for the ongoing economic burden of people of color. He argues that Black people are unable to leave a “substantial legacy for future generations” because of a discriminatory system. The LinkedIn Live’s theme of Shawn’s session will be “The Cost of Being A Black Man“.

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2. Andre Parris “DJ Puffy” -Entrepreneur(Barbados)

The Barbadian disc jockey was the 2016 winner of the Red Bull Music 3Style World DJ Championships. This 28-year-old entertainer and entrepreneur made history as the first Caribbean finalist at that competition. Raised by his Grenadian born mother, Denise Williams and Barbadian father, Curtis Parris, Andre was spinning on turntables from the age of seven.

He will discuss “The State of Events and Creative Industries” in the upcoming LinkedIn Live session.

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3. Andre Johnson – Lawyer (Jamaica)

Humility, confidence, respect and discipline are the four pillars of Andre’s required traits for life and an individual’s professional career. The present Assistant Public Defender at Knox County Community Law Office in New York and Jamaican native is breaking glass ceilings in New York. He is the first black male public defender in his office. On LinkedIn, he revealed that he grew up in a life of hardship but credits his ambition for helping him to achieve his current success. Andre will also be a part of the series, “The Cost of Being A Black Man”.

See Andre’s LinkedIn Profile here:

4. Andrea McKenzie -Entrepreneur (Trinidad and Tobago)

A self-taught artist who grew up in a family of distinguished artists, Andrea Mckenzie is making a name for herself in the art world. This graphic artist’s journey is unique as she, like many others tried a more traditional path -she worked in 9-5 jobs with a degree in Marketing.

But Andrea admitted that she felt incomplete and wanted to pursue a career in the arts. A dreamer, Andrea left Trinidad and Tobago and found her way to Atlanta, Georgia,USA. She slowly established her reputation and received an accolade, ”Black I am Power, Art and Creativity Award” in 2019. Her theme in the upcoming LinkedIn Live series will focus on ”Being A Female Entrepreneur Abroad”.

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