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3 ways we do business better in the Caribbean

Yes, sure, the Caribbean is world-renown for its amazing sun, sea and sand destinations. Yet, there is so much more to our remarkable region, like how we conduct business—in some regards. You see, the Caribbean is not only for relaxing and unwinding, it’s also a place that is gaining a steady reputation for being a formidable business port for potential entrepreneurs, investors and corporations. How? Here are three (3) sustained reasons why these islands and territories are attracting so much positive attention as of late:

1. We bring our naturally-warm disposition: The Caribbean has a penchant for being accommodating to all-whether stranger, family or friend. Someone from our part of the world would have met you at this very moment, not knowing a thing about your personal or professional life, other than what you choose to disclose (if at all) and yet, will treat you with the courtesy, compassion and pleasantries more befitting a returning distant relative. That geniality often extends to our modus operandi when serving people in any business setting- we do it with a sense of treating you as we would want to be treated. Though some of us seem to have lost that sense of humanity, the vast majority still retain that filial love for people.

2. We don’t insist on conventional norms: Once you come prepared with an honest heart and a business-mind, we’re prepared to work toward making any transactions a win-win situation. While we don’t completely dispense with business formality, we don’t insist on it either. For example, as some of our countries slowly shed their colonial vestiges, you wouldn’t be required to dress in ‘suit and tie’ to access basic government services. Plus, even if you don’t feel like coming in-person, we are becoming a digitalized society, so that you can now conduct business and have fun in the the same time!

3. We are a phenomenal sphere of influence: Maybe it’s because we’ve been colonized at some point in our respective histories by the English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and/or Danish and have inculcated their business habits and norms into our everyday lives. Maybe, it’s because we continue to retain some aspects of our respective First People, African, East Indian, Chinese and/or Syrian/Lebanese business interactions borne out of tradition. Maybe, it’s because we’re within relatively close proximity to the countries of North, Central and South America, that influences our contemporary business arrangements. Maybe, it’s because we can offer a plethora of services ranging from oil and gas, tourism, manufacturing and export, to finance, sport, real estate and medicine. Or perhaps, it’s us being our innovative-best by often creating something from nothing. Whatever the reason you might decide, it cannot be denied that, we in the Caribbean are a diverse, cosmopolitan group of people-centred, business-oriented, modern-minded people.

Whenever you’re ready, the Caribbean is ready to welcome you! Because, we do business better!

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