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3 mutually ‘feel-good’ business ideas

Updated: Oct 25

Would you like to earn income in a fun, rewarding, guilt-free way? Would you like to help yourself and others feel more confident about life and living? Great! Because you can! And, it doesn’t have to be expensive to start such a business. Sometimes, providing exceptional intangibles such as inspiration, motivation and support don’t have to be costly for you or your intended clientele, if you apply innovation and initiative. Here are three ideas that might trigger your creative juices to flow more freely:

1. Image consultant- You see the world through the lenses of classic and trendy fashion. Plus, you feel that people could feel so much better about themselves if they only knew how to beautifully package themselves, in addition to already being such wonderful beings! Here’s where you can be an image consultant--and it gets better--you don’t need a fancy office or tons of prior experience in this field to succeed. In my view, you’ll need a kind heart (compassion and sincerity), a listening ear (attentive) and a keen eye (observant). Your exceptional perception skills enable you to quickly identify personality types, including their likes and dislikes, and translate that into fashion suggestions that your clients will love! You realise that everyone has their particular comfort [and risk] zone when it comes to what they wear, and you are able to consult and guide them in choosing the best style (clothes, accessories or hair), cut, colour, shape, material and budget considerations to allow them to feel particularly happy and confident in any given social space.

2. Spa therapist- Who doesn’t love or crave a good massage when they tired, stressed, or both? While women have traditionally been the majority patrons of spas and the like, within recent times men have been making more deliberate, frequent visits and appointments for facial treatments and massages, neck and back massages, manicures, pedicures, saunas and even aromatherapy. So, there is a viable demographic out there! Granted, there are the ‘established’ spas which have their loyal customers. But don’t let that daunt you if you have the time, effort and ability to commit! It’s all about how you choose to distinguish yourself. For example, do you offer any amenities for customers with young children? Or teenagers? Are your services bilingual? Are your products homemade? Or animal cruelty-free? Do you offer free, convenient, accessible parking? Do you offer discounts for regular or even first-time customers? Do you celebrate any special occasions such as birthdays with your clients? Do you have any teen specials? Do you have a pet spa day? Specials for seniors, those serving in the protected services, teachers, university students, overseas visitors, etc.?

3.Motivational speaker- We all need to hear The Good Word. Even to this day, many of us remain completely unaware as to the power of [our] words having either a lasting, positive or corresponding debilitating, traumatic effect on present and future goals, achievements and interactions. However, motivational speakers understand that concept really well. That’s why they’re in demand locally and overseas. Likewise, they can command their own fee to appear at your event of whatever size or scale--all because they are able to harness the captivating power of words, and curate it into a message that is memorable for all the right reasons and gives people that extra nudge of support to say, ‘go for it!’ or ‘yes, you can!’. Motivational speakers come from all sorts of backgrounds with many different experiences and exposures that makes them who they are in their appeal to audiences. In other words, they have a message to share that resonates and empowers. The difference between them and you? They ‘re making money…while you’re thinking about it.

Life today is hard enough; some vocations just make it a bit more bearable.


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