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15 Employee Personalities Explained

In an earlier blog, I highlighted the different personality traits of employers. Likewise, it can be acknowledged that, there are also different employee personalities. Beyond the aesthetics of the workplace and its modus operandi, are the dynamics that influence corresponding levels of motivation, confidence, delivery and engagement. Can you recognize any of them? Let’s see!

1. The Entitled- regardless of their age or social background, this employee expects much or even much more, for producing just enough work, or even less-than. In the workplace, their priorities and welfare precede everyone and everything.

2. The Opportunist- this highly-competitive employee seems to do everything right. However, their ultimate motivation might mean replacing you, or, (abruptly) taking the skills and experience they acquired from your organization, to work for another organization

3. The Creative- this employee values opportunities to be innovative, novel and resourceful in the workplace. They relish the chance to suggest ideas for moving projects forward.

4. The Visionary- gets his (or her) adrenaline rush from embarking on new projects, but, often lacks the sustained momentum to complete any project, unless continuously prodded.

5. The Mediator- generally maintains the peace, stability and calm in the workplace by being highly considerate of others’ feelings, sometimes, even to the detriment of their own at times.

6. The Briefer- prefers to jump straight into getting the job done. They hate being bogged down with casual small talk, as well as long explanations about a project.

7. The Entertainer- this employee opts to emphasize the lighter, ‘fun’ side of a project to themselves and others, as well as the rewards it can bring if successfully completed.

8. The Home-Buddy- feels settled in their present job, and rarely seeks any opportunities for promotion or other professional development that involve significant risk.

9. The Friendly-Face- has an uncanny ability to get along well with practically everyone, as they perform their job faithfully and enthusiastically, and avoid office gossip and conflict.

10. The Lone Wolf- can initially appear to be uninterested in their job because they tend to keep to themselves. However, they can flourish, once given the right opportunity and support.

11. The Director- appears to only feel comfortable when placed in a leadership role, in order to solidify their inherent desire for responsibility, power and influence over the lives of others.

12. The Free Spirit- values independent thought, freedom and autonomy in whatever project they are assigned, since it allows them to use their discretion and own problem-solving skills, as opposed to someone else’s.

13. The Hunter- is always on the prowl for more money, and will leap at every available opportunity to move on to “bigger and better”, or, earn money on the side.

14. The Pleaser- scarcely has an opinion outside of their supervisor’s or the majority-view.

15. The Expert- is routinely consulted on a project, due to their vast knowledge and experience.

The workplace is a dynamic environment- for employers and employees. Such is life’s variety.

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