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Pauline Joseph started LinkedIn Local in Trinidad because she saw a need to have a conversation in-person with the online community. After attending and coordinating countless local events, she believed that we no longer made meaningful connections at corporate events across the Caribbean.


Many of us are introverts, yet we attend many paid events that do not provide a space to comfortably engage with ‘strangers.’ After hosting 12 events across Trinidad and Barbados, it’s clear that the online connection helps to reduce inhibitions and make conversations with a stranger less painful.

A global community by the users of LinkedIn designed to take online relationships offline to get to know the person behind the profile. ~ LinkedIn Local Global Website

Our Mission

To showcase the impact of Caribbean people on a global scale, through networking events. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

For attendees, to be inspired to look beyond the shores of the Caribbean and share your talent with the world.

We Need Co-hosts in New York City!

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